Here for your consideration an unusual primitive 18th to early 19th century Piggin found in New England. A Piggin is defined as a wooden bucket or pail where the handle is an extension of one of the staves. The first one known to exist was from the 14th century. I use the term "unusual" to describe this piece because it has a closed top with a removable wooden stopper as well as a small opening to vent. Typically pieces such as this have an open top where water would be poured, then carried.

This piece is especially desirable for its size, oval shape and construction! It is canted and is therefore smaller across the upper edge, becoming larger at the base. It has 12" sides and is 15 1/2" where the extended stave is located. There are small holes located in the extension where it could perhaps be hung by a piece of twine.

Considering it's original utilitarian purpose, there is a split on the bottom however it somehow exists. In addition, surrounding the lower edge is a row of wonderful and obviously hand cut primitive chip carving.

It is very substantial, well made and very very early. Although it is not dated, I would render a guess that it could easily date back to the 18th century. ($365)


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