Here is one of the best early doll cradles in original bittersweet paint. The form is outstanding! As you can see, the pointed arch hood area is a bit taller than the foot area and the early formed rockers are quite long. This early style of rockers were created in this way to prevent tipping.

This early doll cradle has been well preserved. There is one small unobtrusive area on the inside of the hood end (as shown). Structurally this piece is amazing. The gorgeous original bittersweet paint, the best I've ever seen, has the appropriate amount of wear. I am lead to believe that it was well cared for by the lucky little girl who once owned it.

This early doll cradle measures 20 3/4" x 8". Rockers = 12" long. 9" = Hood End. 7 1/4" = Base. It was early nail constructed and remains in very very good condition.

19th century Pennsylvania. ($345)


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